The tiny home movement, which has been burgeoning for the past few years, is experiencing growing pains. A tiny home is usually just 300 to 450 square feet, and many who try this lifestyle realize that’s just too small. The result is that gradually tiny homes have been trending larger, to the size of small apartments at around 600 square feet.

But there is a segment of the trend that’s going the opposite direction—even smaller, to as little as 60 square feet! These micro houses are pushing the envelope inward.

It makes you wonder why someone doesn’t just buy a van or a small camping trailer. Some people do just that. But others want the challenge of building their own home, so they build the entire thing from wood or other scraps and cast-off items, including sterilized dumpsters and backyard garden sheds.

The micro-living idea seems to be more about the challenge of living small and cheap, rather than needing a place to live.